Monday, June 18, 2012

Jumping off a bridge.

You know how your parents at least once during the course of your life ask you: "If OTHERS were jumping off a bridge - would you?".
I used to say NO... never. Me?

this is a video of my honey (your father, kids) jumping off a bridge.
I followed shortly and remember just panicking.
After a stern talking to (hubby to me) and my 3 year old looking all sad like, honey and I strapped Logan into the stroller, left Brent with strict instructions NOT to push the stroller Anywhere, and then went and jumped off together.

Sadly, we had to leave almost immediately as daddy had a lot of work to do. But hopefully we'll go back tomorrow and do some more jumping.

Brent honestly wanted to jump off (especially since he saw both of us do it), but yes, we're aware that it is dangerous. And even with a life jacket won't let him. Not for good 3-4 years (depending on his swimming skills).

Definitely will bring uncles and grandpa however. That will make for some excellent memories.

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